Professional experience

Layout artist

Lightbox entertainment
jan 10 - today
Character blocking, shot composition, camera animation and sequence editing for feature film Tadeo Jones. Staging and previsualization of non-storyboarded sequences. Low resolution set and prop modelling. Programming of tools to improve the layout creation and pipeline.

Previs artist

Anera films
jul 09 - dec 09
Sequence previsualization for stereoscopic feature film The happets. Rough storyboarding and sequence planning from script, character staging, camera animation and editing.

Layout artist

Ilion animation studios
feb 08 - may 09
Created layout sequences for feature film Planet 51, staging character’s action and camera moves. Edited the sequences and modelled low resolution versions of items when needed.

Web designer & developer

2000 - 2007
Learned the nuts and bolts of the web world as designer and developer, working for websites of companies like MTV Spain, Simyo, Correos or Zed group.


Studied animation in ECAM (Madrid’s Cinema and Audiovisual School) where I co-directed a Goya’s awards nominated short film.

I’ve been working as a layout and previs artist for feature films since 2008. Before that I worked as a designer and web developer for 7 years.

I love everything related to storytelling, visual narrative and picture composition.

Having achieved my dream of working among highly talented people, my current goal is to become a feature film director.

I live in Madrid, Spain. I am 31 years old.

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Experienced user of Maya and 3DSmax. Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator and Flash. I am familiar with Nuke, Affter Effects and Final Cut.

I have developed Maxscript tools aimed at layout production and have a basic knowledge of MEL scripting. Strong background of web programming (PHP, Javascript, etc).

Drawing skills.

I love working with teams of creative people and work alone. Fast learner with great adaptation capacity.

Spanish as mother tongue, good command of english.


  • Animated cinema at ECAM 2003-2006
  • Nuke composing at CICE 2010 (80 hours)
  • Screenplay course at Factoría del guión 2007 (4 months)
  • Maya 3D animation and Jaleo video editing course at Trazos 2002 (12 months)
  • Computers sysadmin degree - IES Juan de la Cierva 1999-2001